I’m Alex Beavin, a senior at DigiPen Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Animation degree. I am interested in a career as a background or 3D artist.



Pacific Coast Skyway

Car Turnaround

Spring 2017 I worked on the student game Pacific Coast Skyway as a 3D artist. I modeled and textured a car, the road, ferris wheel, buildings, rocks, cones, trees, billboards, and helped with UI/UX.


Vara is a game about a young child who goes on a quest to change winter to spring. This semester I have been able to work on the game as the environment artist, creating everything from trees and plants to standing stones and the language and symbols etched on the sides. Vara will be completed Spring 2018.

Background Art

This is a combination of the concept art and the look of the finished film of Laika’s Paranorman.